[Preview] Action Lab’s 6/12 Release: THIS LOVE SO BRIEF (One-Shot)

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This Wednesday, Action Lab Entertainment is releasing a special one-shot filled with short stories from cartoonist Fred Chao entitled THIS LOVE SO BRIEF!

Here’s a look at the cover, the storyline, and preview pages for this week’s release
from Action Lab Entertainment on New Comic Book Day! #NCBD


New Release for the week of June 12th, 2019



Writer: Fred Chao
Artist: Fred Chao

Cover Artist: Fred Chao

32 pgs./ T / FC      $3.99

Comics creator Fred Chao put together a small collection of humorous short stories from his love life. Starting off as comical reflections of elementary school crushes, house party hook-ups, and first relationships, these stories delve into themes of the responsibilities that come with age, inevitable life changes, nostalgia, and home.


What people are saying about This Love So Brief:

“Each of Fred Chao’s stories are detailed without being busy, and concise while still being comprehensive. This Love So Brief showcases two of his three of his greatest talents: his gorgeous artwork and his beautiful storytelling. His third great talent, a stellar Busta Rhymes impersonation, must be experienced in person.”
(Opus Moreschi, head writer for The Late Show
with Stephen Colbert 
and The Colbert Report)

“These stories about the places where art and life intersect, and the places where they fly past each other, are honed down to details so sharp they pierce.”
(Douglas Walk, author of Reading Comics and
reviewers for The New York Times and The Believer)

“Chao shares a few tales that will both engage and delight readers.”
(Comics Grinder)



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