[Video] CBS All Access’ ‘Picard’ Teaser Begins At The End

Once a Starfleet officer, always a Starfleet officer, right?

The first teaser for Patrick Stewart’s CBS All Access show Picard was released today, along with a promo poster for the series.

It appears the show starts 15 years after Picard has retired from Starfleet and settled into a quiet life tending to his family’s vineyard in France. The female narrator says that he “commanded the greatest rescue armada in history, and then the unthinkable happened.”

Could this be someone from Starfleet calling Picard back into service after all these years? It is noteworthy that she refers to him as Admiral. One of the hallmarks of his character in Star Trek: The Next Generation was that he declined any promotions that came his way, always preferring to be in a starship rather behind a desk.

Did the events the narrator referred to induce Picard to leave Starfleet, or did he grow tired of staying behind a desk instead of being in the thick of the action? What could be going on in the galaxy to bring him back? These questions and much more will no doubt be answered in this continuation of the adventures of Jean-Luc Picard.

Picard will premiere sometime this fall on CBS All Access.

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