[Video] Last Night on Team Coco w/ Conan O’Brien (5/21/19): Jake Tapper

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PopCultHQ brings you all the
best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Tuesday, May 21st,
Conan welcomed Jake Tapper!

Accidental Beverage Cameos On “Game Of Thrones”

Own a piece of television history, like the water bottle behind Sam’s leg or the green smoothie on Ned Stark’s severed head.

Conan On Commencement Speech Season

Conan has given two commencement speeches but
never offered to pay off a graduating classes’ student loans.

Andy Catches Up On 30 Years Of “The New Yorker”

Andy refuses to read CONAN writer Jose Arroyo’s “New Yorker” cartoon until he’s caught up on every issue dating back to 1989.

Jake Tapper & Conan Met Eisenhower’s Granddaughters

When Jake received an invitation to meet the former president’s granddaughters, he knew exactly who to bring as his plus one.

Jake Tapper Went On Paul Rudd’s “Ant-Man” Diet

Jake may not have the physique of an Avenger, but his
friend Paul Rudd’s diet advice did help him drop 20 pounds.

Jake Tapper: Trump Is Not A Self-Deprecating Fellow

A discussion of Jake’s book “The Hellfire Club” turns into a
history lesson about presidents who had senses of humor.

Jake Tapper’s Daughter Cried Tears Of Joy When She Met Ellen DeGeneres

Jake’s daughter did not have the same reaction
when she met “daddy’s tall friend” Conan.

Jake Tapper & Conan Have Large Skulls

Jake compares his noggin to Herman Munster’s
and Conan’s to The Predator’s.

On Wednesday, May 22nd,
Conan welcomes Lisa Kudrow!

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