Cosplay Photos: Megacon Orlando 2019

megacon feature
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Megacon Orlando is a large-scale “Mega” convention that covers all genres. It’s a hotbed of fandoms, a celebration of creation, and a place that many call home over its four-day run.

Like many conventions, there were plenty of problems. Many complaints are centered around the internet connectivity, as that hindered many sales and decreased the social media flow from attendees. The other big complaint was parking, but they have that one every year.

One new addition to the con this year were lanyard badges. These are an awesome souvenir for attendees, but every one of them needed to be activated as people entered the event. This definitely slowed down the admittance line.

megacon badge

I was also told that they were scanning the badges on the way out of the event. The only reason I can think of for that is so they can track how long people stayed at the event or maybe to track how many are inside for fire codes?

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