DC Releases New Series Of Collectibles

new DC figures

Collectibles are a serious and very lucrative business. Which is probably why DC keeps rolling out so many of them. And the conveyor belt shows no sign of stopping any time soon.

With plenty of advanced notice, DC Comics have announced the release of its next series of individual action figures that will go on sale in May, November and December 2019.

Batman: The Animated Series

There are four individual figures plus a black and white min seven piece set.

The first is HARDAC Batman, one of the fist non-human imposters of the caped crusader.

He is joined by Two-Face, a stoic figure that also comes complete with character accessories.

Alongside him stands Gray Ghost, a huge hero in Bruce Wayne’s childhood. A fan favourite, he comes complete with additional props and accessories.

Rounding off the individual figures is Scarecrow, he who loves to inflict crippling horror on Gotham’s citizens.

All four figures are just over 6 inches tall and will set their new owners back $28 each. And all of them can be pre-ordered before their May release date.


For the slightly higher price of $35, the seven-piece mini-set can be pre-ordered. The characters are smaller at just 3.75 inches but the set does include one exclusive Jim Lee Nightwing figure.

DC Bombshell Statues

There are three brand new DC Bombshell limited edition (5000) statues currently in production. And all three of them will become available in December 2019 costing $125 each.

Mary Shazam! is new addition to the current DC Bombshells line and has the look and feel of the others.

Designed by Ant Lucia, she strikes a mid-marching pose in her red and yellow marching band costume, which comes complete with white band hat and cape.

Black Canary is back however, this time she is been created in a vintage inspired sepia tone. The actual statue is very, very similar to the original with only minor differences to the direction of her head and microphone, which are more tilted, in the newest addition. 

Nurse Death from The Sandman is a nice addition to the line. Similar to Black Canary she has been given a colour makeover and will only be available in black & white. Simply named ‘Death’, she casts an imposing figure and is sure to be a hit with fans.


Additional Statues

There’s a brand new battle statue on the way as Batman and Deathstroke go head-to-head on top of gargoyle on a rooftop. Defying gravity, this is also a limited edition with only 5,000 being produced. However, the detail in this is fantastic which is reflected in the price point of $350!

And for avid collectors, the final piece of the Dark Nights: Metal statue line will go on release in December. Titled ‘Batman Who Laughs & Robin Minions’ this makes quite the impression.

Given that it completes a series and the detail that has gone into it, it’s a snip at just $170.

So they are the impending DC Comic releases for the rest of the year. So get the credit cards out because it’s time to go shopping!