Cosplay Photos: Walker Stalker / Fan Fest Chicago – Saturday

Walker Stalker Chicago Saturday feature
Fan Fest Chicago header

This is the second day of Fan Fest events, formerly known as Walker Stalker and Fan Fest.

Saturday is the main event day for any weekend convention. The day of big events and big attendance. We arrived about an hour after they opened and parking was a breeze. This is never a good sign for a convention, especially on a Saturday.

As we walked into the Donald E. Stephens Center foyer my fears were confirmed. There were a few handfuls of people, but not nearly the numbers that there should be.

The crowds did increase as the day progressed, but they were more along the lines of a typical Friday crowd. Even the celebrity lines weren’t all that long.

Saturday was also the day of the costume contest, so there was a bit more cosplay today.

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