Cosplay Photos: Walker Stalker / Fan Fest Chicago – Friday

Fan Fest Cosplay Friday feature

It’s Friday night in Chicago and the first day of Walker Stalker and Fan Fest. It’s eerily quiet as we enter the convention center, a handful of people are scattered in the foyer and I pull out my phone to double check the time. I didn’t realize that the zombie apocalypse had actually occurred, but it almost seems that way.

We see more people as we enter the con floor, but not as many I would expect. Maybe they are suffering Star Wars Celebration hangover? Today is only Friday night, and tomorrow is another day.

This was a great night if you were interested in shopping, as there was lots of room to browse. If you were interested in seeing a celeb, today was also the night to do it. They were relaxed and chatty, many were even bored and taking selfies with people.

Of course, there is always cosplay:

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