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[Interview] Voice Actress E.G. Daily at C2E2

by Joshua Winchester
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Sometimes an actress comes along who is not only to work in one world, but two or more. E.G Daily has done it all, musician, voice actor, and performing in movies and TV. She is the quintessential performer, and has gifted and will continue to gift the world with her talents for years to come.

She has been the voice of Mockingbird in The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes,  Rudy Tabootie in ChalkZone and numerous others throughout the years. Two of her best known roles (in animation) are that of Tommy Pickles on Rugrats and Buttercup on The Powerpuff Girls. These characters are a part of her legacy and will continue to be for years to come and PopCultHQ.com had the opportunity to talk briefly with her at C2E2.

E.G. Daily

E.G. Daily

PopCultHQ2019 is a big year for two of the projects you worked on back in the day. It is not only the 28th anniversary of the Rugrats but is also the 21st anniversary of The Powerpuff Girls. How does it feel that both of these shows have hit such huge milestones?

E.G. Daily – Isn’t that incredible? I feel like super excited about it. To think that we did these shows 30 years ago, almost 30 years ago we started them and now they’re still popular. And not only that but Rugrats has a reboot now which is incredible. So they’re gonna do 26 new episodes and a feature. So to think that after all this time now they’re gonna reboot the show is pretty incredible.

PopCultHQIt is amazingly incredible. And in the modern era where more and more female superheroes are becoming popular with young girls and audiences, what do you hope that young girls who watch Powerpuff Girls will take away from such a show and seeing empowering young characters as you and your fellow superheroes?

powerpuff girls

E.G. Daily – Well what a great question, especially now with the #MeToo movement and so much of things are turning into women’s empowerment. To have these little tiny superhero girls, that are just really tiny for the most part, yet they’re very mighty and they’re out to do good for the world. And they work together as a team, which I really love, you know in life it’s really nice to do things as a team. And I just love that women are coming together and speaking up about wanting their voices to be heard and women’s rights and so I’m all about superheroes, superpowers, especially when you’re a tiny little girl like they are. The Powerpuff Girls.

PopCultHQAnd the Powerpuff Girls are still fantastic to this day. Over the years you’ve worked on a lot of amazing projects both live action and animation. Is there any particular role you’ve done that you love the most or that has stood out to you the most over your career?

E.G. Daily – You know I’d have to say it’s such a cumulative thing to do so many different roles that every time I think I have a favorite a new favorite pops up. So sometimes its like the character Sex-Head in 31, or sometimes its an on camera project or sometimes its Baby Mumble. It just constantly changes because its so fun to get to recreate a new character so it changes all the time. But I think overall if I were to really look back the ones that really changed my life were like the Rugrats, Tommy Pickles, Buttercup, but I gotta tell you every day it changes.

To learn more about E.G. Daily and her previous works be sure to check out her IMDB profile.

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