[Video] Last Night on Team Coco (3/21/19): Gad Elmaleh

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PopCultHQ brings you all the
best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Thursday, March 21st,
Conan welcomed Gad Elmaleh!

Trump Goes After McCain & Lincoln In New Attack Ad

The president calls the late John McCain
a “life quitter” in a new attack ad.

Conan Filled Out His Bracket Of 2020 Presidential Hopefuls

Conan jokes about March Madness, the 2020
election, and the college admissions scandal.

An Exclusive Look Inside The Barbie-Themed Hotel Room

Hilton’s Barbie-themed hotel room allows guests to experience lifelike Barbie, from the pink furnishings to the boyfriend without genitals.

Just OK Is Not OK With Conan

Conan would rather eat sushi off the floor of a bowling alley than use a wireless network that’s just OK.

Gad Elmaleh Loves Getting Recognized

If you see Gad on a date at a restaurant, by all
means approach him for an autograph or photo.

Gad Elmaleh Is The French Jerry Seinfeld

Gad made quite the first impression on his mentor
Jerry Seinfeld when they first met 12 years ago.

Gad Elmaleh’s Mom Gives Him Harsh Notes

When Gad thought a stand-up show had gone badly,
his mother assured him that it was even worse than he thought.

Gad Elmaleh’s Involuntary Leg Move

When he was starting out, Gad tended to
punctuate his jokes with a physical rim-shot.

Conan Teaches Gad Elmaleh How To Promote A Project On American TV

Conan teaches Gad to say how honored and
thankful and blessed he is about his latest project.

On Monday, March 25th, Conan
welcomes Pete Holmes!

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