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Cosplay Photos: Emerald City Comic Con 2019

by April Carvelli
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Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) was this past weekend, and as usual it was jam-packed with people, events, celebrities, and cosplayers.

Like all big conventions, there was a plethora of confusion, wait lines everywhere, and expensive food, but these are what you expect at the big conventions and if you didn’t have them, you would probably think you were in the wrong place.

Overall people enjoyed themselves. The biggest complaints I am seeing for this year’s event are the same things I see at every convention:

  • Overpriced merchandise that can be purchased at retail or online for a fraction
  • Depending on who you spoke with, time of day, and location, security could be a pain
  • Long lines

So nothing new, this stuff happens at big and small conventions. As for security, that is usually determined by the venue, local police, or local regulations. The convention organizers can only do so much regarding them.

The one new thing that annoyed many con goers this year is the fact that the event was separated into two locations. Sorry folks, but that is what happens when you convention gets too big, they outgrow their locations. In this case, there isn’t one big enough for them, so they split it. Yes, ReedPOP could have set up a better system to get between the locations (i.e.: regular shuttles), but this is the first year ECCC has done this, so it’s new to them. Also keep in mind that the convention center has expansion plans, so this may not be something they need to deal with in the future.

Now onto the real reason you are here, you want to see cosplay. These great cosplay shots were taken by Jason Logan O’Eury Blaisdell

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