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[Convention] C2E2 2019: Doctor Who’s David Tennant & Matt Smith to Touch Down in Chicago

by Joshua Winchester
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While there may not be any clear signs of spring weather on the way, it is still a great time to get excited about things to come.

Specifically, C2E2. The hype for this year’s convention is huge and thus far, everything posted on the website and social media promises nothing short of a spectacular gathering of nerdy people, pop culture figures, and vendors.

Doctor Who

For every person that loves sci-fi, adventure and excitement, that means at some point in their lives they have seen or heard of the great BBC program Doctor Who. This is a show that can trace its fan-base back literally generations. Back to a point when TV was still coming into its own, and ideas/genres for programs that are commonplace today, were new and being tested out. It has stood the test of time, changing tastes and other numerous factors.

The 21st century runs of the show have consistently delivered a rush of stories of epic proportions. With special effects that provide chills and thrills galore. But what keeps bringing people back to this show isn’t just the scripts or effects, but the actors who take up the role of the Doctor.

That is why it is exciting that C2E2 has brought in not one, but two Doctors this year…David Tennant and Matt Smith.

Both are brilliant performers in their own right, with a variety of projects in both cinema and television under their belts. Yet it is each one’s respective times as the Doctor that will forever propel them forward into legend.

David and Matt will be attending the convention on Saturday and Sunday (March 23rd– March 24th). You can still secure your photo ops & autographs for David Tennant or photo ops & autographs for Matt Smith, and there’s also team-up photo ops with both Doctors at once!.

Don’t pass up the chance to meet two fabulous fellows who have delighted audiences for years as the Doctor. Grab that sonic screwdriver, fire up the TARDIS, and hang on to your fezzes. It’s time to head out on an adventure and make a fandom dream come true. Allons-y!







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