[Convention] C2E2 2019: Marvel Invades McCormick Place w/ Agents & the Ant-Man

In spite of the snow and crazy weather all over, excitement is building because C2E2 is now just weeks away. Costumes are being made, rooms being lined up, and plans are being made for all manner of fun.

With the upcoming release of two Marvel Studios films in the span of two months, excitement is high and the internet is flush with photos and speculation about what will come from them. And to help keep that hype high, C2E2 is bringing in not one, not two, but THREE famous faces from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ming-Na Wen, Clark Gregg and Paul Rudd are household names, due to their own acting achievements outside of Marvel and because of Marvel.

With their roles as Melinda May, Phil Coulson, and Scott Lang, respectively, they have battled some of the worst evil that Marvel can dish out, culled from the long history of the company, and adapted to both TV and movies. All three of them have brought their respective characters to life, and through their dedication, work, and talent, made them beloved by fans everywhere.

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Ming-Na and Clark will be at the convention Saturday and Sunday (March 23rd-March 24th), while Paul will be there only Saturday (March 23rd). And while Paul’s photo ops and autographs are all sold out, there are still plenty available for Clark and Ming-Na. So make sure to snag a photo op or autograph and don’t miss out on all the super fun. Because this is one opportunity that is going to be fantastic.

Because whether it’s saving the world from evil, or interacting with fans, these three are stand-up individuals and stand out when it comes to serving up a triple-slam of awesome.

So it’s time to assemble, because C2E2 will be here before we know it. And like in previous years, this is a convention that no one will want to miss.