[Movie News] In Theaters This Week – February 15, 2019

Every weekend brings with it a slew of new movies to see, some advertised more than others. It can be easy for a few gems to slip through without much fanfare, so here is a roundup of all the movies released in theaters this weekend, February 15th, 2019.

Alita: Battle Angel (PG-13)

Alita is a creation from an age of despair. Found by the mysterious Dr. Ido while trolling for cyborg parts, Alita becomes a lethal, dangerous being. She cannot remember who she is, or where she came from. But to Dr. Ido, the truth is all too clear. She is the one being who can break the cycle of death and destruction left behind from Tiphares. But to accomplish her true purpose, she must fight and kill. And that is where Alita’s true significance comes to bear. She is an angel from heaven. She is an angel of death.

Directed by Robert Rodriguez

Starring: Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali, Ed Skrein, Jackie Earle Haley

Release date: February 13

Donnybrook (R)

Two men prepare to compete in a legendary bare-knuckle fight where the winner gets a $100,000 prize.

Directed by Tim Sutton

Starring: Margaret Qualley, Jamie Bell, Frank Grillo, James Badge Dale, Chris Browning

Realease date: February 15

Fighting with My Family (PG-13)

A former wrestler and his family make a living performing at small venues around the country while his kids dream of joining World Wrestling Entertainment.

Directed by Stephen Merchant

Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Nick Frost, Lena Headey, Florence Pugh, Jack Lowden, Thomas Whilley, Tori Ellen Ross

Release date: February 14

Happy Death Day 2U (PG-13)

Tree Gelbman discovers that dying over and over was surprisingly easier than the dangers that lie ahead.

Directed by Christopher Landon

Starring: Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Phil Vu, Suraj Sharma, Sarah Yarkin

Release date: February 13

Isn’t It Romantic (PG-13)

A young woman disenchanted with love mysteriously finds herself trapped inside a romantic comedy.

Directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson

Starring: Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth, Adam Devine, Priyanka Chopra, Betty Gilpin

Release date: February 13

Pájaros de verano

During the marijuana bonanza, a violent decade that saw the origins of drug trafficking in Colombia, Rapayet and his indigenous family get involved in a war to control the business that ends up destroying their lives and their culture.

Directed by Cristina Gallego, Ciro Guerra

Starring: Carmiña Martínez, José Acosta, Natalia Reyes, Jhon Narváez, Greider Meza

Release date: February 13

Ruben Brandt, Collector (R)

A psychotherapist suffers violent nightmares inspired by legendary works of art. Four of his patients, expert thieves, offer to steal the works, since he believes that once he owns them, the nightmares will disappear. He becomes a wanted criminal know as “The Collector”. Who will dare to catch him and his gang?

Directed by Milorad Krstic

Starring: Iván Kamarás, Gabriella Hámori, Zalán Makranczi, Csaba Márton

Release date: February 15

Sorry Angel

1990. Arthur, 20 years, studying in Rennes. His life changes when he meets Jacques, a writer who lives in Paris with his young son. All summer long, Arthur and Jacques enjoy and love each other. But Jacques knows that this kind of love needs to live fast.

Directed by Christophe Honoré

Starring: Vincent Lacoste, Pierre Deladonchamps, Denis Podalydès, Adèle Wismes

Release date: February 15

That’s all for this week! Will you be seeing any movies this weekend?

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