Terminally Ill Marvel Fan Has ‘Endgame’ Wish Granted

Avengers Endgame

If there’s one great thing about the power of the internet, it’s how it has the ability to rally people around someone.

Reddit user Alexander Q recently shared on the Marvel Studios subreddit about how he was dying from liver cancer, mouth cancer, and bone marrow failure, and would likely not make it until Avengers: Endgame was released. He knew that in cases like this, studios will often screen movies so that the fan still have the chance to see it. Fully acknowledging that it might not happen, he still thought it would be worth a shot to try.

Liver cancer, mouth cancer, bone marrow failure. Will probably be dead before April. I’ve heard of people getting early screenings before.

How do I get in on this action?

I’m not a child or anyone with a particularly tragic story. Just a normal guy. I’m 33, lost my sister three years ago to the same rare genetic disease it turns out I have too. I’ll leave behind a devoted girlfriend and an adopted greyhound.

I thought I’d make it to April at least but my bone marrow is toast.

Other users quickly jumped in to help, starting a hashtag #Avengers4Alexander. They also suggested he tag Marvel directors, producers, actors, and others both on Reddit and Twitter, and word also spread to other subreddits.

Alexander updated the post several times, thanking everyone for all the messages of support and for all the help to get the word out. His last update stated that Disney has reached out to him, and they are discussing options. He again thanked everyone for all their support. He has asked that people consider donating to research for Fanconi Anemia, the genetic disease that he suffers from.

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