[Trailer] ‘Carmen Sandiego’ Travels to Netflix

After more than 20 years, international thief Carmen Sandiego is making her location known, and this time it’s on streaming giant Netflix.

Many a 90’s kid remembers the PBS game show Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? Participants answered geography-related questions in order to help locate one of Carmen’s henchmen, as well as the elusive thief herself. Carmen Sandiego (Gina Rodriguez) is now starring in a new animated series on Netflix which debuts January 18. Previously, she was a member of the evil organization V.I.L.E., using her skills to steals treasures around the world.

From what we learn in the trailer for the series, that is changing a bit. We see her early days at V.I.L.E., training to be a master thief; however, something happens, and she decides to leave V.I.L.E. She now uses her skills to protect the artifacts, along with the help of Player (Finn Wolfhard). She is also getting a new theme song, some of which is heard in the trailer below.

In quite the synergistic move, Rodriguez will also play Carmen Sandiego in a live-action movie for Netflix. It will be an extension of the series, which will also have a line of tie-in books.

Carmen Sandiego will debut on Netflix January 18th.

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