[Video] Conan O’Brien Special: CONAN Without Borders: JAPAN – Behind the Scenes and Q&A

Conan Japan

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Conan O’Brien is back traveling the world and he’s once again paired with his associate producer Jordan Schlansky. The wit of the late night talk show host coupled with the dry, monotone nature of his longtime co-worker makes for an incredibly funny adventure in Japan.

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Sit back and enjoy Conan as he shares behind-the-scenes clips of Japanese cities and offer a Q&A on his takeaway from #ConanJapan.


Conan Participates In A Traditional Umbrella Dance:

The Governor of Tottori Prefecture makes Conan an honorary Commander
of Samurai and presents him with a sword that probably won’t make it through customs.

Behind The Scenes With Conan At A Live Band Karaoke Club In Tokyo:

Watch Conan spend his final night in Tokyo patiently waiting his turn to sing
“Great Balls of Fire,” “Creep,” and “We Will Rock You” at a live band karaoke club.

Behind The Scenes With Conan In Conan Town:

Conan visits the town named after Detective Conan, where he becomes mayor
for the day and serves up hamburgers for the citizens of Conan Town.

Behind The Scenes With Kawaii Conan In Harajuku:

Conan was told everyone in Harajuku would be dressed in kawaii style.
Watch as he realizes that is not the case.

Q&A: Conan On Japanese Squat Toilets

Conan engages in some potty humor
with a curious audience member.

Q&A: Conan On His Relationship With Jordan Schlansky:

Conan talks about his “beautifully dysfunctional”
relationship with Jordan, Sona, and his entire staff.

Q&A: Conan’s Takeaway From His Trip To Japan:

Conan talks about Japan’s remarkable
achievements and pristine underpasses.

Q&A: The Biggest Culture Shock For Conan:

Conan has the size and personality of an inflatable tube man
— which really made him stick out in Japan.

Q&A: Conan On His Favorite Segment That Didn’t Make The Show:

Conan sang along to copyrighted songs that would have been
too expensive to clear at a live band karaoke bar in Tokyo.

Q&A: Conan On His Top Secret Project With Kojima Productions:

Conan provides an update on his top secret
collaboration with Kojima Productions.

Meet The #ConanJapan Crew:

Meet the people who helped make
“Conan Without Borders: Japan” possible.


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