Ingenious Ways To Fund Your 2019 Comic Con

Ingenious Ways To Fund Your 2019 Comic Con
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It’s not unnatural for fans to start planning their next Comic Con mere minutes after the current one has ended. While outfits, accommodation, and travel make up some of the arrangements, these arrangements all have on thing in common: money. Attendees spend around $83 million during an event and it’s not uncommon to max out a credit card to purchase that special edition autographed Stan Lee item. To make the most of this event, a good cash flow is essential.

Trash For Cash

There are some of you who might shudder in your Cooke-inspired Catwoman boots at the thought of getting rid of some stuff to make room for more, or perhaps even fund a trip. While we’re not advocating the thought of selling something that might become a future family heirloom, there are some things that just gather dust and you know what they are. Old clothing, costumes that didn’t come close to winning any prizes, costume jewelry and the like. A yard sale is an ideal opportunity to make space for new memorabilia.

Streamline Your Cash Flow

Remember the Star Trek episode “The Enemy Within” where Captain Kirk gets duplicated and wreaks havoc on the ship and Spock needs to save the day? Well, that’s how multiple debits for the same type of products can wreck a cash flow. A quick way to resolve the situation by lumping all those payments into a single product and to get rid of duplication. Products that can easily be lumped together include:

  • Multiple smaller personal loans and payday loans
  • Credit cards with small balances and high interest rates
  • Savings products that each have their own monthly service fees and administration fees

It’s also important to check that your current loans are the best on the market and the only way to know this, is by ensuring you have more than one option when raising capital. It might also be necessary to apply for a readvance on an existing loan to fund the entire event  should those savings fall short. Other ways to fund a trip include working out a layaway system with that costume supplier, repurposing existing costumes, and arranging a mass swop event with other fans.

Beam It To The Future, Scotty

While technology is not quite at Transmetropolitan level, it’s easy to feel like a present-day Spider Jerusalem as we simply tap our phones or cards to make payment. While modern apps make payments a breeze, they also happen to have a few tricks for saving enough to make it to the convention. From budgeting apps such as EveryDollar and Mint, to savings apps such as Acorns, getting enough money together for the next event is as easy as carrying around a phone.

Those who simply can’t imagine their lives without their annual pilgrimage to Comic Con, need to incorporate its expenses into their budget to ensure things at home still remain afloat despite a sudden splurge on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 movie figurines. Proper planning and a little reshuffling of expenses will ensure that no purchases are accompanied by that dreaded buyer’s remorse.