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Over the course of developing a movie, lots of changes are made. Characters are added, dropped, or have their roles changed; plot points are moved around until they make the best sense; and characters go through changes in regards to their wardrobe and what weaponry they use.

All of that is certainly true in the case of Avengers: Infinity War. Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War – The Art of the Movie will be released November 6th, giving us not only a closer look at the film itself, but what could have been. The book is filled with unused concept art, showing alternative looks for your favorite heroes and villains and much, much more.

Continuing their popular Art Of series, Marvel Studios presents its biggest achievement yet: Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War! A threat has emerged from the cosmos: Thanos. A ruthless warlord who plans to collect all six Infinity Stones. Joined by his formidable allies, he will be near-unstoppable at achieving his goal. The Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man must join forces and fight side by side to stop Thanos, while the fate of the Earth and the universe lies in the balance. Go behind the scenes with this keepsake volume!

Filled with exclusive concept art for character, costume and set designs, as well as production stills and in-depth interviews with the filmmakers, Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War – The Art of the Movie provides exciting insider details about the making of this highly anticipated film.

A few images from the book have been shared, and we thought you might be interested in a peek at what can be found inside!

Thor has has many weapons throughout the years, though he is most known for wielding the mighty hammer Mjolnir. Since it was destroyed by Hela in Thor: Ragnarok, the Asgardian was in need of a new weapon for the fight against Thanos. Ultimately the decision was to give him Stormbreaker, but the book shows how it was considered to give him Jarnbjorn. Jarnbjorn was a Dwarven-forged battle axe used by Thor in the comics long before he ever was worthy to possess Mjolnir.

These images show a very different battle against Thanos. As you know, our heroes were splintered between Titan and Wakanda. Iron Man, Spiderman, Dr. Strange, and the Guardians fought Thanos on his home planet of Titan while the rest fought Thanos’ hordes in Wakanda. As those on Titan fought him, they nearly managed to remove the Infinity Gauntlet from his hand. The above shows a slightly different imagining of the scene, with Hulk holding one of Thanos’ arms while Thor, Black Widow, and Captain America struggle to remove the gauntlet.

One of the big surprises of the film was the appearance of Red Skull on Vormir. As the keeper of the Soul Stone, he appeared to Thanos and Gamora to warn them against the high cost of wielding the stone. These design sketches show a different look for the character, one very similar to his military look in Captain America: The First Avenger. The character’s final design ended up being much more ghoulish, which emphasizes even more the cursed life he was given when he tried to possess an Infinity Stone.

Cull Obsidian was one of the more physically imposing Children of Thanos, but Bruce Banner was able to take him down single-handedly in the Hulkbuster armor.  These designs show some of the weapons he was nearly given. Many of them are various axe designs, but there look to be a few blasters in there as well. Given his size, it was a good decision to go with the axe over the blasters, as he doesn’t seem the type to fight his opponents from afar.

Finally, we have a look at some of the changes that Black Widow’s costume might have had. The biggest surprise to fans was her hair change – going from her signature red to bleach blond. Interestingly enough, that change is not shown in any of this concept art. What we do see, though, is what she might have done instead of the addition of the vest she ultimately ends up wearing. Many of the ideas include the addition of some type of scarf, hood, vest, or any combination of the three, as well as armor. The second image shows some of the book’s text, which explains how in being on the run Natasha would not have have the resources to create a whole new costume, but she could add on to her existing one.

Marvels’ Avengers: Infinity War – The Art of the Movie will be released November 6.

What do you think of this concept art? Would you have picked different looks for the characters?

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