Pop Culture Inspired Furniture for Everyone from the Goth to the Gamer

From Gamer to Goth, furniture for all

Harow Feature

We’ve all come across things on the net that just suck us into the rabbit hole and we end up further and further away from where we originally were. Sometimes we end up in some really cool places. That is how I ended up on the website of a French design studio called Harow.

They have some truly bizarre and interesting furniture, such as these skull arm chairs which come in some odd colors.

Skull Armchairs

They also have a stool that look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, letting you sit on his head?
Arnold stool by harow

Then last, but not least, are these iconic game console sofa’s inspired by a variety of pop culture. Could you imagine leaning back on one of these while playing your X-Box?

Harrow Game Console Sofa