Make Your Home Smell Like a Wookie with these Star Wars Candles from Merchoid


Have you ever wondered what bantha milk, Jabba’s Palace, the inside of a Tauntaun, or even Yoda’s cooking might smell like? You might not be able to travel to the galaxy far, far away, but with this officially licensed candle set from Merchoid, you can at least make it smell like you are there.

The fifteen candle set gives new life to any viewing of the original Star Wars trilogy, or just a night in at home. There are five unique scents from each film, available for purchase in three sets, or all fifteen together. You can also purchase the limited edition collector’s edition, featuring an engraved plinth for the candles, as well as a premium presentation box with magnetic closure.

Here are the descriptions for all fifteen scents, some of which may not be so pleasant:

  • Wookie: Ever wondered what a walking carpet smells like?
  • Bantha Milk: Love the smell of bantha milk in the morning?
  • Trash Compactor: Find out what was very nearly the last smell Luke, Leia and Han ever experienced
  • X-wing Cockpit: Perfect for playthroughs of Battlefront’s aerial combat
  • Cantina: Eau de scum and villainy
  • Lightsaber Duel: Do you prefer the smell of the dark side or the light side?
  • Han Solo Carbonite: This smell is all Leia had to remember Han for a long time
  • Millenium Falcon: She may not look much, but she’s got it where it counts (the smell)
  • Inside of a Tauntaun: Thought it smelt bad on the outside? You’ve experienced nothing yet!
  • Yoda’s Cooking Pot: Yoda’s legendary Force powers are only eclipsed by his cooking skills. Smell it for yourself!
  • Rancor: The only way to smell a Rancor without ending up its lunch
  • Sarlaac Pit: Add a new dimension to your favourite ROTJ scene
  • Jabba’ Palace: Admit it, you’ve always wondered what Jabba smells like
  • Ewok: Do they smell as cute as they look? Let’s find out!
  • Death Star Destroyed: The sweet smell of rebellion

Preorder for the set of fifteen candles is currently $91.99, or $127.99 for the collector’s edition. Each of five candles is $36.99 at preorder, or $52.99 for the limited edition. All orders to the US, UK, and EU come with free shipping.

Which scent are you most eager to smell?

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