[NYCC 2018] ‘Aquaman’ Extended Trailer Promises a Thrilling Adventure


Today at New York Comic Con, Warner Bros. Pictures unveiled an all-new trailer for December’s Aquaman. The 5-minute video delves more deeply into the plot of the film than ever before, also giving us a much better look at the characters.

It starts by showing the relationship between Arthur Curry’s parents, Queen Atlanna and lighthouse keeper Tom Curry, and how his mother hoped for Arthur to one day unite their two lands. It then kicks into high gear, showing Mera and Arthur trekking through the desert in search of an ancient outpost of Atlantis. It looks like they will be solving various puzzles to search for a legendary trident. In the right hands, the trident has the power to unite the kingdoms both above and below the water, but in the wrong ones it could bring untold destruction. It certainly will not be an easy task for the pair, having to contend with both the war-mongering King Orm and Black Manta along the way.

The visuals are simply stunning, both on land and underwater. The shooting locations are certainly on display with crystal clear waters, towering sand dunes, and rooftops of Mediterranean towns. There are chase scenes, and underwater battles galore, and it looks like we see even Atlanna do a bit of fighting as she twirls around a trident in one clip.

The extended look also seems to confirm a more lighthearted tone for the movie than most of the previous DCEU films. Arthur and Mera have plenty of banter between them, which should be refreshing for those who did not care for the darker tone of its predecessors.

The best shot has to be at the very end, when we see Aquaman standing on a rock is his classic orange and green outfit, holding a trident. I thinks it’s safe to say that it’s the image comic book fans have been waiting to see!

Aquaman dives into theaters December 21.

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