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[Video] Last Night on CONAN – 9/24/18: Bradley Cooper | Superorganism

by Jason Bennett
Conan 9.24.18
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PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

Bradley CooperSuperorganism

On Monday, September 24th, Conan welcomed
Bradley Cooper, and musical guest Superorganism

Conan: 13 More Accusations & Brett Kavanaugh Can Run For President:

Conan jokes about Brett Kavanaugh, smog, and Fox News.

EXCLUSIVE: Hear John Carpenter’s New “Halloween” Theme:

The only thing scarier than Michael Myers is what
John Carpenter did to the “Halloween” villain’s theme music.

“This Is Conan” Tackles The Challenges Of Elder Care:

Emotions run high when Conan and Andy decide to
put their aging propmaster in a retirement home.

Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga Bonded Over Leftover Pasta:

The chemistry between Bradley Cooper and
Lady Gaga was there from the first bowl of pasta.

Bradley Cooper Recently Watched “The Hangover 3” On Cable:

PLUS: Bradley Cooper talks about repeatedly watching Conan’s
interview with Chris Kyle as research for “American Sniper.”

How Bradley Cooper Transformed Into A Rock Star:

Bradley talks about how Neil Young influenced his performance in “A Star Is Born.”

Bradley Cooper On The Thunderous Premiere Of “A Star Is Born” In Venice:

During the film’s premiere at the Venice Film Festival,
the skies opened and temporarily halted the film.

Bradley Cooper Went Out In Drag For Halloween:

Shortly after making “Wet Hot American Summer” in the early 90’s,
Bradley went out in drag with his co-star Amy Poehler for Halloween.

Bradley Cooper Cries A Lot On Airplanes:

Bradley has a hard time keeping it together when he watches sad movies on airplanes.

Bradley Cooper On His Future Plans To Direct:

Bradley considers directing “A Star A Born” to be one of the most meaningful creative
experiences of his life and is open to doing it again — if the right project comes along.

Superorganism “Everybody Wants To Be Famous” 09/24/18:

Superorganism perform a track off their self-titled debut album.


On Tuesday, September 25th, Conan welcomes
Judy Greer and Nick Nemeroff

Judy GreerNick Nemeroff

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