Finding that Blockbuster Aesthetic in Online Games

jumanji video slots

Online games with themes such as comics, films, and popular culture have now infiltrated the world of online casinos, with many getting in on the action from recent blockbuster releases or trending ideas. To keep up with pop culture, many casinos now offer various themed games and bonus plays involving everything from daytime television to beloved characters from books, films, and musicals. So, whatever your personal hobbies and aesthetic choices, here’s how to find a game with a unique, quirky design or graphics inspired by film sets and plots.

Step 1: Finding a Game You Like

There are currently hundreds of online gaming and casino websites out there, each claiming to provide something unique. Sifting through these by hand to find a game you like may not only be time-consuming, but also costly depending on individual deposit requirements and rules. Not only this, it’s difficult without some in-depth prior research to know whether an online gaming website or a game is reputable or not. To avoid wasting time going through websites by hand looking for the games you like and then researching the sites independently, certain anthology websites exist which do all the work for you. For example, provides a comprehensive list of not only themed games but also ratings and reviews. This way, you can compare games and know what to expect before putting any money down. This is perfect if you’re just a rookie rather than a serious online gamer and are simply looking to get your Jumanji fix in a slightly different way.

Step 2: Refining a Search

Even with websites such as “topcasinosites,” simply scrolling through will not find the results required as efficiently as possible. Results can first be refined by specifying what sort of game you’d like to play, with the most popular options for themed games being Slots, Blackjack, or Roulette. After this, you can either search the page manually, using the search function built into the website, or through the tried and tested ‘control-F’ command.

What’s Out There?

Recent film trends can often be found reflected in the games online casinos provide. To look at a recent example; Jurassic World slots recently became available, a game which draws on beloved characters from the Jurassic Park reboots and displays beautiful graphics inspired by the films. A quick search of titles reveals everything from Mayan to Wild West themed games and games inspired by films such as Jumanji, The Jungle Book, and Planet of the Apes. Not all require you to put your own money down so it’s worth a look.