[TV News] ‘Doctor Who’ Showrunner Says These Characters Won’t Be Returning

Doctor Who

Doctor Who

It has been stated before that the newest season of Doctor Who is all about the new and bring a sense of refreshment to the long-running series. Not only is there a new Doctor and new companions, but much of the creative team behind it is new to the show.

Showrunner Chris Chibnall has promised lots of new places, characters, and times to be visited, but he also wants to keep things simple. In an interview with the Times Magazine, he stated that many of the characters we have come to know in recent years will not be appearing. Characters like the Paternoster Gang (Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Stex), River Song, and Missy (the most recent incarnation of longtime adversary the Master) will not be appearing, as well as villains such as the Cybermen, Daleks, and the Weeping Angels.

Chibnall is sending a clear message that he wants the new season to be a clean slate for the show. Not only will it serve as a bit of a reset for longtime fans, but it makes for an easy jumping-on point for new fans. “I want this to be a recruiting year for Doctor Who to bring in that next generation of audiences,” Chibnall explained.

The latest Doctor Who trailer celebrates the fact the fact that so many changes are coming. Not only will the Doctor be female for the first time (played by Jodie Whittaker), but there will now be three companions instead of the traditional one or two. In the short promo, Whittaker’s Doctor stands in a stained-glass ceiling cathedral as all the glass breaks and rains down on her. She cracks a smile and says, “Whoops.”

Season 11 of Doctor Who will premiere Sunday, October 7 on BBC One and BBC America. On September 25 starting at 6am Eastern, BBC America will air every episode of the first 10 seasons.

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