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[Video] Last Night on CONAN – 8/30/18: Patton Oswalt | Guy Branum | Punch Brothers

by Jason Bennett
Conan 8.30.1
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PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

Patton OswaltGuy BranumPunch Brothers

On Thursday, August 30th, Conan welcomes
Patton Oswalt, Guy Branum, and musical guest Punch Brothers

Conan Knows What American Consumers Are Buying:

Conan jokes about the economy, Sarah Palin, and Papa John.

Mindhammer Beer Will Help You Forget:

With an ABV of 26.5%, Mindhammer Beer is the beer to drink
when you’re drinking to forget that alcohol is bad for you

A Farewell To Pants:

Labor Day marks the transition from summer to fall
and from white pants to no pants at all.

Introducing: Crimes Ahoy! Bottled International Water:

Commit crimes without fear of persecution
with “Crimes Ahoy! Bottled International Water.”

Patton Oswalt Is Trying To Be Healthier:

Patton has started eating beige cereal that
tastes like cardboard that committed suicide.

Patton Oswalt Skipped The “Han Solo” Premiere For His Daughter:

Instead of taking selfies in the Millennium Falcon, Patton spent the night
pretending to be impressed with his daughter’s crappy art project.

Patton Oswalt’s Wife Left Him A Terrifying Note:

After a huge fight, Patton’s wife left a note on his windshield
that sounded more like a death threat than an apology.

Guy Branum Is Going All Out To Promote His Book:

Guy posted a video of go-go boys dancing with his book to drum up interest in the gay community.
Unfortunately YouTube deemed it inappropriate and took it down minutes later.

Guy Branum On Growing Up Gay In A Horrible Small Town:

Everyone in Yuba City thought Guy should be a football player
but the only thing he wanted to be was a waitress.

Punch Brothers “It’s All Part Of The Plan” 08/30/18:

Punch Brothers perform a track off their album All Ashore.


Conan will return on Monday, September 17th!

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