[Movie News] MoviePass Changes Its Service…Yet Again


Earlier this week, we shared with you the rapid changes that movie subscription service MoviePass has been making in recent weeks. For the third weekend in row the service crashed Friday evening, leaving its subscribers unable to use the service for their Friday night plans.

Before the crash, it silently rolled out yet another change to its service – giving users only two movie options. Those choices were the poorly reviewed Slender Man or Mission: Impossible – Fallout at incredibly inconvenient times. According to the New York Post, an example at one movie theater only showed options for shows of the Mission: Impossible sequel at either 2:30pm or 10:45pm through MoviePass. For those who work standard hours or have children, it would be nigh-impossible to make those shows.

MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe

Is this a stop-gap by the service to keep them afloat until monthly users are automatically switched to their new three-movies-per-month plan, or simply another change to the ever-evolving service?

In a interview with the Post, MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe noted that the two movies on offer might change each day. “Unfortunately, in order to stay financially stable we’ve had to curtail the service. We had to right the ship as far as the amount of money we were burning,” Lowe said, “This has been a challenging time for us and our customers. We’re just trying to save our service to be able to be available long term.”

MoviePass has struggled to find its footing since last year when subscriptions skyrocketed when it dropped its monthly subscription rate to only $9.95 per month.  Since then, it no longer allowed users to see a movie more than once, announced surge pricing, changed the subscription fee to $14.95, and then lowered it back to $9.95 but will only allow users to see three movies per month.

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