Last Night on CONAN at COMIC-CON – 7/21/18: The Cast of “Glass”

Conan 7.21.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Saturday, July 21st for #ConanCon, Conan welcomed
the cast of “Glass” – Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Sarah Paulson,
Anya Taylor Joy, and writer and director M. Night Shyamalan.

Conan’s Super #ConanCon Entrance:

One does not simply walk into #ConanCon in a suit and tie.

An EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek At The Cantina Band Documentary:

The new Star Wars documentary explores the highs and lows of the Cantina Band’s career
and features exclusive interviews with rock n’ roll icons like Michael McDonald and Paul Rudd.

Jamie Lee Curtis Gives Conan The Comic-Con® Citizenship Test:

“Halloween” star and Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis
administers Conan’s Comic-Con® Citizenship Test.

How To Get More For Your #ConanCon Thing:

We’ve teamed up with DIRECTV NOW to bring you exclusive access to #SDCC.
Get more for your #ConanCon thing by following @ConanCon on Instagram
and tuning in to our nightly rooftop recap show LIVE @ConanCon.

Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, & M. Night Shyamalan’s Origin Story:

Bruce Willis bumped into Samuel L. Jackson at a casino in Casablanca
and told him that a kid named Night was writing a film for them. The rest is history.

Anya Taylor Joy Got An Acting Lesson From Samuel L. Jackson:

Samuel L. Jackson schooled Anya Taylor Joy about enunciation on the set of “Glass.”

Sarah Paulson & Samuel L. Jackson Swore Up A Storm On The Set Of “Glass”:

Sarah Paulson and Samuel L. Jackson spent a lot of time in the
makeup trailer gossiping about “various and sundry motherf*****s.”

Bruce Willis’s “Shyamaween” Party Costume:

Bruce Willis and the cast of “Glass” showed up for M. Night Shyamalan’s
annual Halloween party — because they were afraid they’d get fired if they didn’t.

Anya Taylor Joy’s Awkward On-Screen Kiss With James McAvoy:

You’ll hear no complaints from Anya Taylor Joy about kissing James McAvoy —
but she’s not sure how comfortable James was.

Bruce Willis: M. Night Shyamalan Is A Goddamn Genius:

Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson keep coming back for more with M. Night Shyamalan
because they think he’s a genius — and they always get their checks promptly.

On Sunday, July 22nd, Conan wraps up
#ConanCon with the cast of “Aquaman”

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