Street Fighter 5 on the Playstation 4, cherish the game.

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Street Fighter 5 on PlayStation 4

Brawling games are few and far between, compared to when they used to be in every arcade as a staple diet for hungry thumb-smashers, all wide-eyed at the thought of their very next K.O victory.

The likes of Tekken, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Injustice Gods Among Us have dominated fighting games on consoles thus far. Much like online pokies, they have made their mark and stood the test of time, paving the way for all fighting games and what it is exactly that gamers expect from a blitzing punch.

The usual standard is electrifying attacks with special features, characters that really stand out, colourful costumes and some sort of depth to the character you play in the game.

Street Fighter 5 is a well-rounded combination of all of this and stands up to the punch. It’s straight out of the arcade. The games style is old school with a healthy dose of new age spunk that really sets the screen alight.

Game Visuals

Developed by Namco in 2016, Street Fighter 5 on the PlayStation 4 looks and feels like it’s a part of a traditional arcade fighter, yet incorporates a special mix of new age speed and agility into the characters and various fighting landscapes. Street Fighter 5 has a unique look and feel that will put any arcade veteran right at home in their very own lounge.

The game is big on all levels and you will see it right from your very first battle. One distinguishing feature is that all the characters have big feet. Even a few of the girls take big to another level.

The graphics are typical arcade/pop art retro style that have been overhauled and assimilated into a modern gaming style. The landscapes don’t interfere with the battle but do get slightly interactive as you finish an opponent off. Overall, Street Fighter 5 has great visuals that keep you in tuned to the fight and allow for speedy wins.

Depth Of Play

Keeping with tradition, the Street Fighter franchise has never really been about a character’s journey or story. Street Fighter 5 has followed the same recipe and players expecting some sort of journey may be disappointed.

The depth of play in Street Fighter 5 on the PlayStation 4 comes from survival mode. Story mode is short-lived and extremely easy to complete with every character. Survival mode comes in different phases; easy, normal, hard, and hell. This is where the challenge lies and players can perfect their fighting skill here to tackle friends in versus or on-line modes.

Using Power Ups And Controlling Characters 

Street Fighter 5 on the PlayStation 4 is riddled with nifty features that keep the game entertaining, even when you’re battling with the CPU in survival mode. Playing in survival mode is unforgiving and if it weren’t for the power ups, players would literally be left for dead. Power up your health, defense, attacks, and much more. Players should be aware that the various power ups do come at a price; you lose points for using power ups, so try to use as little of these as possible.

Completing an entire onslaught of attacks in survival mode with one character unlocks a new costume, which keeps the various characters fresh. The combat is exhilarating and getting to grips with the controls is a breeze. The game allows for light attacks and hard attacks. Hype up your V trigger for serious damage attacks that render your opponent stunned and vulnerable to your distinct characters grappling throw.

Street Fighters Characters 

The characters in Street Fighter 5 on the PlayStation 4 are a lovable bunch with firm favorites appearing, which are cemented in the hall of fame of Street Fighter classics. New characters are swift and brutal in their respective rights, yet they add a healthy injection of dynamism into the game.

Favorites like Ken and Ryu are back with slamming attacks that give the complete set of characters a well-rounded arsenal of striking blows that seal the deal in Street Fighter 5. Characters do tend to repeat their one-liners after each encounter where you are victorious, but it’s not too much of a deterrent as the game play and character skills allow for intuitive attacks and counters.

Make sure to get in on the first attack with each character to ensure that initial confidence. Keep hammering away at your opponent, stunning them with the ultimate Street Fighter 5 attack.