[Convention] Day 1 Recap of Anime Expo 2018 (Thursday, July 5th)

Anime Expo 2018 has gone beyond! PLUS ULTRA!

Anime Expo 2018
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When a convention that isn’t even open starts off with major concerts, JoJo references, and grade-A cosplay, you know you’re in for a good time. Day 1 of Anime Expo was non-stop fun! The amount of things available to do as they actually opened the exhibit halls on Thursday, July 5th were impossible to keep up with, but boy did we try!

The exhibit hall was packed to the gills as people flooded in to examine all of the now-open doors. New video games such as Jump Force, Little Dragon Cafe, SNK Heroines, and even the highly-anticipated Jump Force were played by us and we can definitely say, make sure you keep that extra space in your console ready and your wallet full, they’re gonna be good ones!

It was hard to believe, but cosplayers got even better overnight! There was so much good stuff on display, such as a build team displaying a wearable Wing Zero costume and the entire 1-A class from UA running about. Luckily, the PopCultHQ team got some of the best cosplay pics in the show! Stay tuned for even more pics of the shows topping outfits and props people brought out

Bandai’s Gundam team brought out the big guns this year, as they flew in the legendary Meijin (Master) Kawaguchi, a man who has helped forge the Gundam and model kit industry for over three decades. Not only did they exhibit the long history behind the franchise, they displayed the love and care for their teams and factories in Japan and how this hobby has grown! This all culminated with the Gundam series’ animation producer, Sunrise, to announcing the biggest news in mecha history: A live-action Mobile Suit Gundam movie will be going into production with Legendary Pictures (Pacific Rim) behind it!

The biggest surprise this year though went back to that unexpected sponsor from the last article, Arby’s. Not only did they support Bandai Namco in bringing in Soul Calibur 6, they’ve started a special giveaway game involving their papercraft team. If you’re at the event, make sure to keep a close eye on their Twitter, as they’ve been hiding little treats throughout the convention center!


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