[Preview] It’s Chainsaws & Cherubs This August in Image Comics’ DEATH OF LOVE TPB

Death of Love

Collects issues #1-5

The complete DEATH OF LOVE miniseries—the irreverent action-comedy from writer Justin Jordan (THE FAMILY TRADE, SPREAD), artist Donal DeLay (You are Not AloneMy Geek Family), colorist Omar Estévez (Heavy Metal MagazineBatman ’66), and letterer Rachel Deering (In the DarkVertigo Quarterly)—will be collected into trade paperback and available this August.

Death of Love TPB Cover
Death of Love TPB Cover

Love sucks, and Philo Harris—self-avowed “nice guy”—is going to do something about it.

The Cupidae, a cabal of doughy little cherubs that are usually invisible, are responsible for making love work. And after Philo makes a particularly bad drunken decision, he can suddenly see them, clear as day. What’s a perpetually single guy to do? Well, according to Philo, he grabs a chainsaw and goes to war with love itself.

Select praise for DEATH OF LOVE:
“A fun ride.” —Uproxx
“If there could ever be a comedic book at male romantic dysfunction in the age of our ongoing cultural awakening, this is it.”
—The Oregonian
“With an interesting premise and honest depiction of relationships from varying perspectives, DEATH OF LOVE is a refreshing jolt in comics.”
“The epic a tale of a douchebag, told in a hilariously crafty and remarkably witty way that leaves you thinking, but in stitches as well.”
“A man with an over-the-top response to his romantic troubles embarks on an over-the-top—and ridiculously violent—adventure. What’s not to love?”
“The violence and in-your-face humor give me flashbacks of Luther Strode.
Not to mention the Ash vs. The Evil Dead appeal of a chainsaw-wielding antihero.”
—Comics Verse


DEATH OF LOVE (ISBN: 978-1-5343-0507-6, Diamond code: MAY180066) hits comics shops on Wednesday, August 22nd and bookstores on Tuesday, August 28th. It can be preordered via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Indiebound, and Indigo.


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