Last Night on CONAN – 6/7/18: Kate Mara | Sam Richardson | Hari Kondabolu

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Thursday, June 7th, Conan welcomed
Kate Mara, Sam Richardson, and Hari Kondabolu

Conan: Trump Asked The Prime Minister Of Japan To Introduce Him To Godzilla:

Conan jokes about Trump, porn,
and Netflix and chilling on Mars.

Putin Calls Trump To Talk About “The Americans” Finale:

Putin revealed that he and Trump talk “regularly”
and we have the phone recordings to prove it.

New Miss America Events:

Miss America is ending the swimsuit competition and replacing it
with more relevant events for today’s young women, like
texting at crosswalks and ripping men’s hearts out.

Conan Gets Into A Deep Conceptual Comedy Hole:

This deconstructed sketch is brought to you
by The United States Pie Council.

Jamie Bell Gave Up Red Meat For Kate Mara:

When they were dating, Jamie gave up red meat for his vegan girlfriend Kate.
But after they got married, meat was back on the table.

Kate Mara’s Dog’s Tongue Is Too Big For His Mouth:

Kate’s dog Bruno’s tongue is never in his mouth —
even when he’s sleeping or mid-snack.

Kate Mara Is Very Cautious On Subway Platforms:

Kate can’t go on the subway without thinking about
her character’s horrific death in “House of Cards.”

Kate Mara Used To Sneak Into “Rent” During Intermission:

Once a week, Kate and her fellow Broadway-obsessed friends would take
the train to New York City for the express purpose of
sneaking into a Broadway show halfway through.

Conan Thinks Kate Mara’s “Pose” Hair Looks Familiar:

Kate talks about her character’s pompadour and the 1980s
“ball culture” in New York City that inspired the FX series.

Sam Richardson’s Mom’s Dirty Email Address:

Sam’s mom is from Ghana and has no idea what the “69″
in her email address signifies in the United States.

Sam Richardson: “Police Academy” Made Me Want To Be A Police Officer:

Sam spent his childhood watching “Police Academy,” which
turned out not to be an accurate depiction of police work.

Conan Tests Sam Richardson’s TV Theme Song Knowledge:

Sam has an encyclopedic knowledge of theme songs AND
can sing them more beautifully than the original artists.

Sam Richardson Roasted Birds On Twitter:

A bird went nuts while Sam was trying to sleep,
so he took to Twitter to roast the entire species.

Sam Richardson’s Jumping Toe Touch:

The incredibly limber Sam Richardson has mastered the
art of the “kicky leggy” and jumping toe touch.

Hari Kondabolu: Why Does The Devil Need An Advocate?:

Hari doesn’t think the Prince of Darkness needs your help.


On Monday, June 11th, Conan welcomes
Amanda Peet, Daniel Cormier, and Steve Cropper &​ Benjamin Booker

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