Last Night on CONAN – 6/5/18: Chris Hardwick | Leslie Bibb | Nore Davis

Conan 6.5.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Tuesday, June 5th, Conan welcomes
Chris Hardwick, Leslie Bibb, and Nore Davis

Conan On The One Trump Business That Made Money:

Conan jokes about Melania Trump’s return, Vladimir
Putin’s employee, and Friedrich Trump’s brothel.

Apple’s New Addiction-Proof iPhone:

Apple is taking tech addiction so seriously,
they’re introducing a completely featureless iPhone.

Sports Figures Still Willing To Visit Trump’s White House:

The Kings of Cornhole and O.J. Simpson would
never turn down an invitation to the White House.

Conan’s Unsolicited Guinness Ad:

Guinness did not ask or pay Conan to star in a commercial,
but he went ahead and made one anyway.

How Authentic Is The “Mountain” Documentary?:

Conan found the new mountain climbing
documentary breathtaking — and obviously faked.

Chris Hardwick On Lydia Hearst’s “Tamponzi” Scheme:

Chris Hardwick’s wife tricked him into
buying tampons before his surprise party.

Chris Hardwick Doesn’t Think We’re Ready For Self-Driving Cars:

Chris thinks Siri is only right 30% of the time and he doesn’t love
those odds when it comes to avoiding children crossing the street.

Chris Hardwick Tells His Favorite Dirty Joke:

Chris’s sense of humor formed when he was 15
and never really advanced from there.

Chris Hardwick Feels Like A Customer Service Rep For “The Walking Dead”:

Thanks to “Talking Dead,” Chris has become a mix of a therapist and
a customer service representative for disgruntled “Walking Dead” fans.

Leslie Bibb Is An Extremely Physical Person:

Don’t be alarmed if Leslie says she wants to punch
you or your baby. That’s just how she expresses love.

Chris Hardwick Interrupts Leslie Bibb’s Interview:

A routine clip set-up goes off the rails when Chris Hardwick
jumps back into the conversation and makes it filthy.

Nore Davis: Gay People Have A Better Time On Instagram:

Nore Davis wishes his straight friends
would go to a pumpkin patch with him.

On Wednesday, June 6th, Conan welcomes
Jodie Foster, Flula Borg, and Neko Case

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