Last Night on CONAN – 5/24/18: James Comey | Tig Notaro | Cory Kahaney

Conan 5.24.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Thursday, May 24th, Conan welcomed
James Comey, Tig Notaro, and Cory Kahaney

Conan On Trump & Kim’s Open Hostility:

Conan jokes about the North Korean summit,
Fruit Loops, and super gonorrhea.

Conan Reveals The Cast Of The Roger Ailes Movie:

Megyn Kelly will be portrayed by Charlize Theron and Sarah Huckabee Sanders
will be played by the lady who called the cops on a black family having a barbecue.

Andy Is The Face Of Blurry Boys Action Models:

Andy Richter is more focused on his modeling career than his job at CONAN.

James Comey: Trump’s “Spygate” Claims Are Made Up:

“I don’t find it possible and I know it not to be true.”
– James Comey responds to President Trump’s “spygate” tweets.

James Comey: I’m Like A Breakup Trump Can’t Get Over:

Trump has tweeted about James Comey so much (54 times to be exact)
that James is starting to feel numb to the president’s missives.

Obama Also Asked James Comey To Make A Promise:

Early in his presidency, President Obama took James Comey aside
and asked if he could use the FBI basketball court whenever he wanted.

James Comey Sang A Beyoncé Song In An FBI Meeting:

James Comey is surprisingly well versed in the Lemonade discography.

James Comey’s Wife Accidentally Set Off His Emergency Button:

As FBI Director, James Comey always traveled with an emergency button.
When his wife accidentally set it off, they got to see how effective the button really was.

James Comey Reassures Americans:

James knows there’s a lot of scary stuff happening,
but he wants Americans to know that we’re all going to be okay.

Tig Notaro’s 2-Year-Old Sons Are Big Boys:

People are always telling Tig’s twins that they’re big boys
and they’d like to know if their mom is one too.

Tig Notaro Can’t Stop Thinking About Her Most Indifferent Fan:

A man greeted Tig when they passed each other on
an airport travelator — and he never looked back once.

Tig Notaro: Jennifer Aniston Signed On To “First Ladies” Immediately & Without A Script:

Tig is excited to play the First Lady to Jennifer Aniston’s
President in her upcoming movie “First Ladies.”

What Octavia Spencer Taught Tig Notaro About Acting:

Octavia taught Tig that hitting your mark isn’t always important.

Cory Kahaney’s Longest Relationship Is With Her Therapist:

Cory asked her therapist to prescribe her whatever Melania Trump is taking.

Conan returns with an all-new episode on Monday, June 4th

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