[Cinema Sunday] ‘Deadpool’: Merc with a Mouth Makes Big-Time


Time to make the chimi-fuckin’-changas.” – Deadpool.

The time is almost here. In exactly 5 days, the whole world gets introduced to another massive rampage wrapped in red spandex. He has many names: the Merc with a Mouth, Regeneration Degenerate, but everyone calls him simply, Deadpool. And thanks to the fine folks over at 20th Century Fox, that kill-crazy motherhugger is going to be crawling out of movie screens everywhere again.

To honor this murder-happy super-sequel, let’s take a look way back to where it all began. Cue the music.

Tim (left) on set with Ryan (right)

It all first starts, as any good origin/movie plan takes place, with an idea, and a director. The genius who was picked to bring one of Marvel’s more aggressive and violent costumed clowns to the silver screen was Tim Miller. Fox chose him because of his work on Gopher Broke and one of the animated trailers for DC Universe Online.

Test footage was shot and in the summer of 2014, it was leaked online. While Ryan Reynolds and Miller, along with other crew members, had planned the leak, it was assumed said leak had come internally from Fox. The end result was Miller and company having total creative control over the production, but at the cost of a smaller budget.

In spite of this, the movie speaks for itself on multiple fronts. It’s biggest front is the leading man who squeezed his ass into Deadpool’s costume and brought with him a brilliant sarcastic wit and sense of humor. God’s Perfect Idiot…Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds. Handsome, charming, funny. An actor who has done many parts, worn a lot of hats. But by far his best one is Deadpool. Deadpool is literally everything Ryan Reynolds is in life, only with scars out the wazoo, a sweet costume, kick-ass mutant healing power, and a seemingly infinite access to weapons.

Ever since Ryan played Wade Wilson in Wolverine: Origins, it was clear from the get-go that if a Deadpool movie every happened, he was the one man who could do the part justice. He took to the part like a fish to water and really showcased it in the various promotions for the film and in interviews.

Now that isn’t the go and downplay the efforts of the other members of the cast mind you. All the main players really step up to bat and add their own layer to a story that is full of humor, action and violence. From Morena Baccarin (Vanessa) to T.J. Miller (Weasel), there isn’t a single cast member who is dull or doesn’t measure up on camera.

As previously mentioned, one of the things that helped sell the movie wasn’t just the all-star cast, or the fact that it was an R-rated comic book movie. It was the marketing campaign. A series of posters, videos and commercial spots that spewed flaming hot Pool over a wide area. In the end, it proved effective when Deadpool hit theaters. 

Once DP opened in theaters, the effect was like lightning. Earning $363.1 million domestically and $420 million in other markets showed that against a small budget ($58 million), such an endeavor could be extremely profitable for Fox.

A review that summed up how great this hardcore R-rated Marvel cinematic outing was, came from Michael O’Sullivan, arts critic for the Washington Post. An excerpt from his review reads thus.

Deadpool may not be the first Marvel character for grown-ups. But this “merc with a mouth,” as he’s known, feels like the first one with real teeth. I’ll wager he’s got legs, too. The fast-talking, funny and filthy superhero “sounds like a f—— franchise,” to use his own words. As with nearly everything else that comes out of the character’s mouth, it’s hard to argue.

As if that wasn’t enough to make such a fun feature, this will grab folks by the short and curlies. For the viewing pleasure of all who read these lovely posts, feast your eyes on this. A full on behind the scenes look at the making of the movie. Nuff’ said.

Today is Mother’s Day. Take the time to thank your mom, wife, aunt, or whomever, for all that they do. Show them how much they are loved and appreciated. After all, today is their day. Later on, once things have died down, kick back and relax with a good movie family movie. Make today a day to show how much you care. And don’t forget to see Deadpool 2 opening in theaters this week. It’ll be twice the fun, twice the everything, twice the Deadpool.