Cosplay Photos: The Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2018

Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2018
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The 2018 Great Philadelphia Comic Con was held at the Great Philadelphia Expo Center. This was a great chance to “Get UR Geek On!” with stars from a variety of shows including Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Black Lightning, and Star Trek: The Next Generation. There were also familiar voices from Sesame Street and Winnie the Pooh.

This is a fun, family friendly convention that everyone has fun at. This year, the Great Philadelphia Comic Con proved just how great they were. After the sudden cancellation of Universal FanCon, they stood up and offered disappointed ticket holders an alternate.

It wasn’t their responsibility or their fault that a competing convention fell (and fell hard). They didn’t even have to make an offer to someone else’s disappointed ticket holders but they did and that gesture won them the loyalty of many convention goers.

That gesture made the convention that much better for everyone.

Thanks go out to Hulk Smashing Photography for some great cosplay photos. This is only a small selection of the photos they have in their albums so be sure to head over to his Facebook Page to see the rest of the pictures.