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[Book Review] ‘Alliance of Shadows’ by Larry Correia and Mike Kupari

by April Carvelli
Alliance of Shadows
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Europe has spiraled into chaos. A conspiracy years in the making combined with general unrest lead to upheaval and revolution. In the midst of the murderous disorder, mercenary Michael Valentine is in Europe with a small team of his Exodus personnel trying to track down the evil and highly dangerous Katarina Montalban. She has initiated a mysterious plot to do away with those who stand between her and ultimate power. The team is on their own, with few friends, few resources—and racing against the clock. Both Valentine and Lorenzo will have to risk some dangerous alliances if they’re to succeed.

Meanwhile, Valentine’s friend, one-time enemy, and sometime partner Hector Lorenzo finds himself in a dungeon owned by Asian drug lord Sala Jihan. He must make a deal that may lead him to cross paths with Valentine again. If two of the most effective killers in existence hunt, even the pandemonium in Europe may be just the first act in an orgy of destruction.


Alliance of Shadows by Larry Correia and Mike Kupari

Alliance of Shadows by Larry Correia and Mike Kupari

Alliance of Shadows
by Larry Correia and Mike Kupari

This is the third book in the Dead Six series collaboration between Larry Correia and Mike Kupari. I would describe the storyline as a military thriller. You do not have to read the rest of the series to get a true feel for this storyline. There are a lot hints and comments so you know what the relevant past events were and how they come into play.

This is a fast action-packed ride that is difficult to put down.

If you like military action thrillers, but find that several of them get too deep into the technical aspects, then this is a great novel. They get technical enough that you know it will work, without giving you the nitty-gritty of its construction.

Chapters alternate point of views of your two main heroes, which at times can get a little confusing, but actually gives you two storylines which eventually merge. I suppose the authors could have done the marketing approach (like a few others) and broken the novel into two character point of views novellas and come together with a final collaboration novella. Personally I hate those marketing ploys and never buy them until they are merged into one.

The main characters are likable, but deeply flawed, they’ve both been through a lot to get to where they are and not all the scars are visible. Alliance of Shadows is primarily about two mercenaries that come from different directions.  One is part of a ‘covert’ paramilitary group that is out to save the world, the other starts out on a path of vengeance. Both sides find they are on the path and end up working together to save to the world from a megalomaniac.

If you have read the rest of the Deep Six series, then you will truly appreciate the end of this novel. It neatly wraps everything up and takes you a few years down the road, where it fills in the inevitable “well what happened to…?” questions.

Alliance of Shadows is a well-rounded, easy-to-read book that is worth passing on to your friends.

I also just found the interesting history behind the main characters and this series. Check it out over on Larry Correia’s MHI (Monster Hunter International) page, it’s actually pretty darn interesting. I love seeing how some of these characters develop and where they actually came from.

PopCultHQ Rating - 4 Stars

PopCultHQ Rating – 4 Stars


Written by: Larry Correia and Mike Kupari
Cover Art by: Kurt Miller
Published by Baen Books

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