Last Night on CONAN – 4/16/18: Timothy Olyphant | January Jones

Conan 4.16.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Monday, April 16th, Conan welcomed
Timothy Olyphant & January Jones

Conan: Cohen Paid Women $130K To Watch Hannity:

Conan jokes about Trump and Sean Hannity’s lawyer,
Dog the Bounty Hunter, and more.

James Comey’s Dramatic ABC Interview:

George Stephanopoulos’ interview with James Comey
featured a surprising number of GIFs.

The Act That Had To Follow Beyoncé At Coachella:

We pity the dummy that had to follow Beyoncé’s
mind-blowing Coachella performance.

Meet Your Fitness Goals With Fatbat:

Not seeing the results you want with Fitbit? Let Andy Richter
tell you about his new fear-based fitness product.

The CONAN Audience Heals Timothy Olyphant:

The love and support of the CONAN’s audience
heals Timothy’s unspecified lower body injury.

Timothy Olyphant: My “Avengers: Infinity War” Cameo Was Cut:

Timothy has a fake announcement to make about
his fake cameo in the upcoming Marvel movie.

How Timothy Olyphant Supports Pay Equality:

Timothy is doing his part for gender pay equality —
because he’s pretty sure Drew Barrymore makes more money than him.

Timothy Olyphant Knows The Secret To Conan’s Success In South Korea:

Timothy thinks Conan does the same “dorky physical comedy”
as Korean talk show hosts.

Timothy Olyphant: Executive Producers Do Nothing:

Timothy is an EP on “Santa Clarita Diet,” which basically means he does nothing.
Not like longtime CONAN EP Jeff Ross.

Timothy Olyphant: Jim Carrey’s Documentary Is Pretentious & Narcissistic:

The character Timothy Olyphant wasn’t a fan of
Jim Carrey’s Netflix documentary about method acting.

Timothy Olyphant Forgets How To Plug “Santa Clarita Diet”:

Instead of talking about his Netflix show and setting up a clip,
Timothy has a mini breakdown on live TV.

January Jones’ Intense Dream About Dwayne Johnson:

January also admits to having non-sexual love dreams
about Peyton Manning and Harry Potter.



On Tuesday, April 17th, Conan welcomes
Jeff Daniels & Lauren Ash

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