Last Night on CONAN – 4/10/18: Hilary Swank | Zach Woods | The Lone Bellow

Conan 4.10.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Tuesday, April 10th, Conan welcomes
Hilary Swank, Zach Woods, and The Lone Bellow

Conan: Russia Knows How Stupid We Are

Conan jokes about Michael Cohen, Mark Zuckerberg, and Tom from MySpace.

Andy’s Lectern Has A New Sponsor

Andy found a way to get out of debt and attract stray dogs.

PSA: How To Live A Facebook-Free Life

There’s a whole world of non-Facebook activities out there, like giving your
social security card to strangers and liking people’s salads IRL.

Hilary Swank Speaks “Italian”

Hilary can speak really great English in an Italian accent.

Hilary Swank Gets Mistaken For Jennifer Garner

Hilary didn’t want to give her doppelgänger a bad name,
so she agreed to snap a selfie with a pushy Jennifer Garner fan.

Hilary Swank’s Mantra Is “Ike”

Hilary went to exactly one transcendental meditation class
and couldn’t quite make out what her mantra was.

Hilary Swank On Playing Gail Getty In “Trust”

Hilary thinks if the story in “Trust” were fictional, people would say it was too unbelievable.

Zach Woods & His “Silicon Valley” Character Both Shriek In Their Sleep

Jared’s nocturnal screams are based on Zach’s own outbursts from college.

Zach Woods Gets Manicures At A Manly Nail Salon

Zach isn’t afraid to pamper himself,
but he can’t say the same for all of the men at “Hammer &​ Nails.”

Zach Woods’ Town Had A “Bread Molester”

Zach is from the small town of Yardley, Pennsylvania,
a town best known for harboring a serial bread-groper.

Zach Woods’ Girlfriend Thinks He Looks Like Slender Man

Zach’s girlfriend likes to compare him to a tall, horrifying figure who preys on children.

Zach Woods’ Earthquake Phobia

Zach sleeps with two hard hats next to his bed in Los Angeles.

The Lone Bellow “May You Be Well” 04/10/18

The Lone Bellow perform a track off their album Walk Into a Storm.


On Wednesday, April 11th, Conan welcomes
Jeff GarlinHayley Atwell, and Declan McKenna

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