[Comic Book Review] BLOODSHOT SALVATION #8 from Valiant Entertainment

Bloodshot Salvation #8

PopCultHQ received an advanced review copy of BLOODSHOT SALVATION #8 from Valiant Entertainment. Available April 11th, 2018, the creative team for this series features writing from Jeff Lemire, art from Renato Guedes, and lettering from Simon Bowland.

Here’s PopCultHQ’s spoiler-free review of…


Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Renato Guedes
Letters by Simon Bowland

Cover A (Standard) by Kenneth Rocafort
Cover B (Deadside) by Renato Guedes
Cover C (Battle Damaged) by Gerardo Zaffino
Interlocking Variant by David Lafuente
Bloodshot Icon Variant by Trevor Hairsine
Pre-Order Edition by Ryan Bodenheim

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+

Can Bloodshot rewrite “THE BOOK OF THE DEAD” to save his daughter from the darkness?

In the realm of the dead, three travelers now seek salvation. Bloodshot – a man remade as a weapon. Bloodhound – an innocent creature imbued with formidable power. And Baby Jessie – Bloodshot’s infant daughter, newly transformed in his own terrible image. Together, these three have all been damned by fate – an injustice they now seek to undo by striking a demonic pact to save Jessie’s life. But in the underworld known as the Deadside, there are few fair deals and even fewer promises fulfilled… With his weapons laid down, can Bloodshot tip the scales of life and death to save the one precious light his existence has ever offered?


PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review:
Bloodshot Salvation #8


There is a big plot twist and surprise reveal in issue #8. To avoid giving away massive spoilers, Jeff brings readers along with Bloodshot and little Jessie further in the Deadside. It is there that they encounter some unexpected surprises, and Bloodshot’s resolve to help his daughter will be put to the ultimate test.


Renato’s return to the art for issue #8 is dark, splashy, and chilling. Giving everyone the full scope of the Deadside and all its strange horrors. Like with the script, the art brings in some new things, including a very dark and powerful figure for Bloodshot to contend with. Whatever Bloodshot faces in the next issue, it will be hard to top this encounter.

Simon lends a great bit of creativity for lettering. Especially with the ancient power that shows up along the way. He flexes those lettering muscles again, and the end result is another reason why his working alongside Jeff and Renato was a supreme choice overall.

PopCultHQ’s overall assessment:

What will anyone do for their loved ones? Who will they face down to ensure the safety of their family and children? Questions such as this will arise in issue #8, along with a few startling revelations. So get ready, get set, and get a copy today.

PopCultHQ’s Rating:

5 Out of 5 Stars

BLOODSHOT SALVATION #8 can be purchased on ComiXology
and available at your local comic shop and online retailers Wednesday, April 11th!

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Writer – Jeff Lemire






Artist – Renato Guedes






Letterer – Simon Bowland






Publisher – Valiant Entertainment