Last Night on CONAN – 4/9/18: Dax Shepard | Grant Gustin | Nick Griffin

Conan 4.9.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Monday, April 9th, Conan welcomed
Dax Shepard, Grant Gustin, and Nick Griffin

Conan: Michael Cohen Offered The FBI $130,000 To Keep The Raid Quiet:

Conan jokes about Trump’s lawyer, Stormy Daniels, and Facebook.

#ConanItaly Preview: Conan & Jordan’s Italian Road Trip:

Watch Conan and Jordan annoy each other in another country
when #ConanItaly premieres Wednesday, April 11th at 10/9c on TBS.

Boliviguay Is Better Than Italy:

Most cities just have a Little Italy, but Boliviguay
took it up one notch with their Medium Italy.

Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell Don’t Have A Prenup:

Dax selflessly refused a prenup at the time of his marriage to Kristen Bell,
but now, the joke’s on his more successful wife.

Dax Shepard Gave Himself A “Queer Eye” Makeover:

Dax has the Fab Five to thank for his moist beard
and medicine cabinet full of beard oil.

Dax Shepard Appreciates The Male Form:

Dax doesn’t want to touch a penis, but he does want to look at one.
Especially if it’s 10-inches flaccid.

Dax Shepard Can’t Tell The Difference Between He & Zach Braff Either:

Dax can’t tell “who went where” in his face swap with doppelgänger Zach Braff.

Dax Shepard Is Very Open About His Former Drug Abuse:

Dax has been sober for 13 years but he doesn’t regret his wild past.

Grant Gustin’s Flash Run Is All About The Arms:

Grant looks like he’s running at the speed of light on “The Flash,”
but really he’s just crouching in place moving his arms as fast as he can.

Grant Gustin Is Flattered By Stewie’s Crush On Him:

Grant Gustin was honored to be the object of Stewie’s affection on “Family Guy.”

Grant Gustin’s Spur Of The Moment Marriage Proposal:

Grant is impatient and bad at keeping secrets,
so you can imagine how smooth his marriage proposal went.

Nick Griffin: More People Smoke Pot Than Eat Bread:

Want to know how to be a bad boy?
Nick suggests you make toast.


On Tuesday, April 10th, Conan welcomes
Hilary Swank, Zach Woods, and The Lone Bellow

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