[Preview] Watch Mysteries Unfold at Dollington Academy in Action Lab’s TOYETICA Vol. 2 TPB by Marty LeGrow & Justin Birch

Big mysteries unraveling at Dollington Academy!

Kid’s toys continue to compete for action figure fame at Dollington Academy in the second volume of TOYETICA at Action Lab Entertainment…but in a school full of hidden secrets, will their homework take a backseat to mystery-hunting? Writer/artist Marty LeGrow comments, “There’s something more to this story than you’ve seen in volume one. Things around Dollington Academy are becoming suspicious. If you think you know what TOYETICA is all about, you haven’t seen anything yet.”
Writer: Marty LeGrow
Artist: Marty LeGrow
Letterer: Justin Birch
Cover Artist: Marty LeGrow

128 pgs./ E / FC

With powerful themes of adventure, mystery and personal identity, The series is perfect for fans of My Little PonyGravity Falls and Steven UniverseComicsverse says: “Authentic in its ideas and characters, TOYETICA introduces its own brand of childhood for adult readers…the story’s central drive — the struggle to be understood — should make TOYETICA a hit on the market.”

Volume 2 gets underway with a look into the mysterious, giant world of humans…a world rife with danger for anyone six inches tall. Outside the safety of the school, Trixie and friends run a gauntlet of real-world obstacles to find a human-world prize, unaware that the biggest treasure of all might be hiding back home, right beneath their feet.

What people are saying about:

“…this is a new twist on things that is a fun read and will appeal to younger readers.
It may also appeal to fans of Ever After HighMonster High, and / or Disney Descendants…” (Sequential Tart)

“It is a great tale of friendship and how we treat one another.”  (Geeks WorldWide)

“…I can’t get over how cute and vibrant everything in this comic is.” (The Pop Break)


Pre-order TOYETICA Vol. 2 TP with the Diamond item code MAR181026.

Look for it in comic book stores on May 30, 2018.

Publisher – Action Lab Entertainment


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