Last Night on CONAN – 3/20/18: Bill Hader | Alexandra Shipp | Natalie Prass

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Tuesday, March 20th, Conan welcomed
Bill Hader, Alexandra Shipp, and Natalie Prass

Conan Reveals Matt Damon’s Ben Affleck Tattoo:

Conan jokes about Ben Affleck’s phoenix tattoo,
Stormy Daniels’ polygraph test, and Gary Busey’s legs.

EXCLUSIVE Trailer For Obama’s New Netflix Special:

Netflix is going to be home to the former
President of the United States’ first ever stand-up special.

Andy Richter’s Sports Blast: March Craziness Edition:

Andy isn’t into sports and doesn’t understand brackets.
Let’s get his take on the NCAA tournament!

Bill Hader’s “SNL” Monologue Came Together At The Last Minute:

John Mulaney and Lorne Michaels rewrote Bill Hader’s
“SNL” monologue minutes before he went on stage.

Bill Hader Can’t Put On Muscle:

Bill trained hard and dieted for months to prepare to play a former marine in “Barry” —
no one could tell the difference.

Bill Hader Is A Bad Actor In “Barry”:

To prepare to play a bad actor in “Barry,”
Bill studied the stilted, unnatural acting in true crime reenactments.

Bill Hader’s Hand-Based Impressions Of Henry Winkler & Al Pacino:

When it comes to impersonating Henry Winkler and Al Pacino,
it’s all about the hands.

Bill Hader On Juggling Directing & Acting In “Barry”:

Bill spent so much time preparing to be a first-time director
that he forgot he also had to act in “Barry.”

Alexandra Shipp’s Imaginary Friend Was Elvis Presley:

A very young Alexandra communicated with
her boyfriend Elvis Presley through her mom’s mirror.

Alexandra Shipp’s Crotch-Numbing “X-Men: Apocalypse” Stunt:

Losing all feeling below the waist
really fueled Alexandra’s “X-Men” performance.

Alexandra Shipp On The Message Of “Love, Simon”:

Alexandra talks about playing the best friend
a young man struggling to come out in “Love, Simon.”

Natalie Prass “Short Court Style” 03/20/18:

Natalie Prass performs a single off her
forthcoming album The Future and the Past.

On Wednesday, March 21st, Conan welcomes
Judd Apatow, Krysten Ritter, and ROZES with Nicky Romero

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