Last Night on CONAN – 1/31/18: Wanda Sykes | Tom Papa | Mt. Joy

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PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Wednesday, January 30th, Conan welcomed
Wanda Sykes, Tom Papa, and musical guest Mt. Joy.

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Conan: Trump Opened His SOTU With A Joke:

Sue and the rest of the studio audience hear Conan joke
about the State of the Union, Abe Lincoln, and Google.

Andy’s Monologue Rebuttal:

Andy Richter denounces Conan’s inconsistent monologue and bad pantomime.

The President Of Boliviguay Invites Conan To His Country:

The President of Boliviguay has already developed an action-packed itinerary for Conan, beginning with a 39-hour flight to his definitely real country.

Wanda Sykes Didn’t Watch The State Of The Union Address:

Wanda skipped watching Trump’s speech to work
on her new home renovation — a bomb shelter.

Wanda Sykes’ Hawaiian Friend Slept Through The False Missile Alert:

Wanda’s native Hawaiian friend slept through the accidental missile alert,
which she thinks is the epitome of a true Hawaiian.

Wanda Sykes’ Vacation Tip For White People:

ATTN. White People: Don’t come back from your tropical vacation
and compare your tan to your black co-worker’s skin.

Wanda Sykes Wants To Start A Predator Fantasy League:

So many men have been accused of sexual misconduct
that Wanda thinks it’s time to start a fantasy league.

Andy Was A Guest On Wanda Sykes’ “Talk Show The Game Show”:

Our very own Andy Richter brought his talk show chops
to the truTV game show produced by Wanda Sykes.

Tom Papa On People’s Fake-Fabulous Social Media Lives:

Tom Papa reminds us that people only post the good parts of their lives,
never the diarrhea drama or empty toothpaste tubes.

Tom Papa Prefers The “Before” Guy In “Before & After” Photos:

Sure, the guy in the “before” photo is a little chubby,
but he also looks like he has a box of donuts and a lot of friends.

Tom Papa On The Secret To Love & Marriage:

Tom Papa thinks love is looking 30 years down the road and still wanting someone
when they’re three times their size and wearing industrial strength underpants.

Tom Papa’s Reluctant Lesson In Giving:

Tom Papa wanted to set a good example for his daughters when a panhandler
approached him in the street — but he only had a $20 in his pocket.

Mt. Joy “Silver Lining” 01/31/18:

Mt. Joy perform their single “Silver Lining.”



On Thursday, February 1st, Conan welcomes
Dr. Phil McGraw, The Soul Flyers, and musical guest Albert Hammond Jr.

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