Cosplay Photos: Uchi-Con 2018

Uchi-Con 2018 feature
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This past Saturday, January 27th, was the 2018 Uchi-Con. Uchi-Con is a free, student-run anime convention at the University of Chicago’s Ida Noyes Hall.

This is a smaller convention, but it offers unique opportunity for photos at the beautifully historic Ida Noyes Hall.  The hall is a three-story building created in 1916; it has fireplaces, beautiful wood carvings, and elaborate murals.

Unfortunately, because of this historic location, it also causes a few problems as the building is delicate. If parts of the building are damaged, it takes more than a call to your local contractor. Most repairs to this building require an artisan skilled in restoration and customization, so when it comes to props the staff can be a little strict on their enforcement. Due to the size of the hallways, they also have a very strict size limit.

  • Your prop and/or costume should not inhibit anyone’s path through our narrow hallways.
  • No live steel. All weapons must be either fake, wood, or ziptied shut. Mark all weapons with bright tape at our info desk after registration.
  • No real firearms.
  • Any prop heavy or large enough to injure a passerby may be deemed unsafe by the convention staff. If you have a prop deemed unsafe by the staff, you can reclaim it at the info desk in the Lobby with a government issued ID.
  • Cosplay props or structures, such as wings, must be able to fit within a 2m x .8m x .8m box. If you are unsure about your prop please feel free to speak to a staff member at registration, as we will have an area to test prop dimensions.

PopCultHQ could not be on hand for this local convention but Feldman Film was, and they took some great photos of the cosplay. You can check out the rest of their photos on Facebook or Instagram.