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[Video] ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Director Takes Center Stage In Gag Reel

by Tori Ann
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Thor Ragnarok
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Just a couple months ago, Thor: Ragnarok blasted into theaters, delighting audiences with the Thor’s struggle to save his home of Asgard. With director Taika Waititi behind the camera as director, it became the most successful Thor movie. Waititi lent his trademark charm and quirky sense of humor to the film, even donning a motion capture suit as the rock creature Korg. With Thor: Ragnarok coming out on home video, we recently got a peek behind the scenes the release of a gag reel.

Waititi takes center stage in the gag reel, starting with humming along and making up his own lyrics to the Marvel Studios music. What follows is two minutes of pure fun, showing us a glimpse of just how much fun it muse have been to make this movie. Waititi dances all around the various sets, even trying on Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor wig, and playing with the set dressings on Sakaar. The other actors comment on Waititi’s particular sense of humor and how he created such a light-hearted feeling on set.

This featurette and more will be available when Thor: Ragnarok comes out on digital February 20 and Blu-Ray and DVD on March 7.

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