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Year in Review: Our Most Popular Articles By Month

by April Carvelli
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Once again we return to reviewing the year. We’ve covered a lot of topics and done a lot of interviews. Sometimes we are surprised by what is popular.

January was a fantastic start with a review of a local event and cafe.

“New Years Eve, Eve (December 30th in layman’s terms) I attended a most wonderful Doctor Who event at The Blue Box Cafe in Elgin, IL. This event was hosted by Southgate Media Group, who was doing a live podcast and trivia event followed by the airing of the new Doctor Who episode……” Click for more



February brought us Power Rangers controversy. We know we hit a spot when a rather confusing video is posted is retaliation;

Even Nerd and Tie did a follow-up article.

…Kerrigan stepped up to correct some of the wrongs that were done in his name. He didn’t have to step in, he could have laid all the blame at the feet of the wrongdoer, but he didn’t. Why he did it, I don’t know. Was it to protect his own name which was falsely used, was it to protect another, or was it simply because he had the power to right a wrong?…” Click here for more


This one struck us as strange, but no one was complaining. Our coverage for the newly released “Dead Men Tell No Tales” trailer almost went viral…in the Middle East. We don’t know why, but we appreciated it.

…This trailer gives us a peek at a much younger Jack Sparrow, through the magic of CG de-aging….in fact it is sort of creepy/weird to look at. ..”.Click here for more.


The month of April brought us one of our favorite conventions, C2E2. In fact, we loved it so much we did over 10 articles on it.

“The second day of C2E2 was much more crowded but just as much fun. Everything  was great, except the Hyatt Hotel (which we will do more on later.) Check out the Friday cosplay Part 1 and Part 2.” Click here for more

May bought us another Chicago convention, Anime Central aka ACEN. The cosplay was fantastic, and the people even better.

ACEN (Anime Central) was a fun-filled event with 24 hours cosplay, panels and events. The vendor floor had lots of room to move around and everyone seemed to have a great time….” Click here for more.


Michael Rooker had a blast playing with the sign language interpreter at his Wizard World Sacramento panel. Luckily, our own May was there to capture it. Now the whole world knows the sign for “jiggly butt.”

“… In this moment, towards the beginning of the panel, Rooker gives praise to the Sign Language Interpreters and learns a little sign language from Shelby himself.” Click here for more


July and August must have been some pretty boring months because our most popular article was about what was coming to Netflix in August. We had some great articles, but it seemed that more people were interested in the release of the Netflix Original Series “The Defenders.” They also had some great movie releases “Sing” and “The Founder” and new seasons of some of our favorite shows.

Even bomb threats and Wizard World Chicago, didn’t overshadow Netflix in August.

“…It seems that the two will no longer be a pair by the time Ragnaroktakes place, further solidified by Natalie Portman’s prior statement that she was done with Marvel films. …Click here for more

NYCC was the dominant topic this month as we viewed photos from several photographers. Click here to check out the photos

November brought us controversy as we covered a “con job” con in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

“… this turned into a complete disaster that caused so much stress and anxiety for some that at least one person ended up in the hospital…” Click here for more

December may not be quite over yet, but I’m going to call it. This article is so far ahead of the pack that unless something goes viral, it wins for the month.

“…We are not saying that these are always signs of a bad convention, but when too many of them happen, then you might want to take a second look…” Click here for more

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