Last Night on CONAN – 12/14/17: Jack Black | Kate Hudson

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On Thursday, December 14th, Conan welcomed Jack Black and Kate Hudson

The 2017 CONAN Holiday Sweater Competition:

CONAN staffers put a lot of hard work into making elaborate holiday sweaters,
but only Conan’s sweater featured The Rockettes.

Jack Black’s Epic & Balletic CONAN Entrance:

Stepping onto the CONAN stage inspires Jack Black to perform an impromptu two minute dance.

Jack Black: Trump Stole Tenacious D’s Shtick:

Jack Black feels a little guilty that an “evil f***ing warlock”
stole Tenacious D’s “best band in the world” shtick to become President of the United States.

Jack Black Has A Rare & Spicy Coin Collection:

Jack Black’s collection includes a lot of coins with Lady Liberty and President Lincoln in various stages of undress.

Jack Black Performs A “Jumanji” Song He Co-Wrote With Nick Jonas:

Jack and Nick’s song didn’t make the final cut in “Jumanji,” but Jack hopes it makes the DVD extras.

Jack Black Is Very In Touch With His Inner Teenage Girl:

In “Jumanji,” Jack plays a 16-year-old girl trapped in the body of a grown man — a role he was born to play.

Jack Black Had A Magical Bond With Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson:

Jack reveals which of his “Jumanji” co-stars is he thinks is sexier — The Rock or Nick Jonas.

Jack Black On Tenacious D’s Post-Apocalyptic Rock Opera:

Jack Black confirms that Tenacious D is at work on the next “The Wall.”

Kate Hudson Can’t Go Incognito:

Kate painted her face with lipstick and wore a wig for Mardi Gras in New Orleans,
but that didn’t stop her from being recognized everywhere she went.

Kate Hudson Briefly Dated A 6-Foot-9 Celibate Football Player:

On their first and last dinner together, Kate’s date told her that he was waiting until marriage.

Kate Hudson Appreciates The Female Form:

Kate thinks women can appreciate other women better than men.

Kate Hudson: Put The Phone Down & Have A Big Laugh:

Kate’s new lifestyle and entertaining guide “Pretty Fun” is all about taking time to connect with other people.

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