Last Night on CONAN – 12/13/17: Owen Wilson | Flula Borg | Noah Gardenswartz

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On Wednesday, December 13th, Conan welcomes
Owen Wilson, Flula Borg, and Noah Gardenswartz

Conan Reveals How Roy Moore Is Coping With His Loss:

Conan jokes about Roy Moore’s unexpected loss, George Clooney’s lucky friends, and more.

The Lighting Of The Vape Pen Menorah:

CONAN music producer/observant Jew/orthodox vaper Roey Hershkovitz
helps Conan light up the vape pen menorah.

Santa Has A Netflix Special:

Santa Claus made his stand-up debut on CONAN last year,
and now just one year later he has his own Netflix special, “Sack Up.”

Krampus Presents: “Day Cares, Nurseries & Playgrounds”:

The half-goat, half-demon from Austrian folklore returns to CONAN
to convince people how bomb-dot-com eating children is.

Owen Wilson’s Son Won’t Let Him Quit Acting:

Owen said he would quit acting if his son became a professional soccer player,
but his son doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

Owen Wilson’s First Big Purchase:

Owen celebrated the first time he wasn’t killed off in a movie by buying a Porsche.

Owen Wilson Is Learning To Be Happy With Middle Age:

Owen is at the age where people constantly ask him if he “had a late night.”
Owen usually just says yes instead of “this is just how I look now.”

Owen Wilson & Ed Helms Competed For Terry Bradshaw’s Attention:

Owen and Ed were constantly competing for dinner dates with Terry on the set of “Father Figures.”

Flula Borg & Conan Drink German Glühwein:

Flula and Conan get in the holiday spirit with a little help from some German mulled wine.

Flula Borg: Christmas Is A Magical Time In Germany:

Flula insists Christmas magic in Germany is real
because he once saw two squirrels talking to each other on Christmas Eve.

Flula Borg: Christmas Is A Fear-Based Holiday In Germany:

Flula educates Conan about Krampus,
the child-eating monster who parents dress up like to discipline their asshole children.

Noah Gardenswartz’ Very Adult Lesson On The Four Sentence Types:

Noah used to be a fourth grade teacher,
and this is NOT how he taught his students about English grammar.

On Thursday, December 14th, Conan welcomes Jack Black and Kate Hudson

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