Last Night on CONAN – 12/11/17: Ed Helms | Fareed Zakaria | Electric Guest

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Monday, December 11th, Conan welcomed
Ed Helms, Fareed Zakaria, and musical guest Electric Guest

Conan On Trump’s Low Ratings:

Conan on Trump’s TV habits, low approval ratings, and more big big stuff.

Trump Crashes Obama’s Doug Jones Robocall:

Barack Obama is voicing his support for Doug Jones in the close Alabama Senate race.
Trump is taking a break from tweeting and golfing to chime in on the race as well.

Introducing: Acorn’s Cross-Country Stair Lift:

Have unlimited limited mobility this holiday season with the Acorn Stair Lift Cross-Country System.

Andy Daly Is Captain Darren Danendernen: Hero Pilot:

Captain Darren re-routed a plane with broken toilets and now he thinks he’s the next Sully Sullenberger.

Ed Helms’ Childhood Nickname Was Chuck E. Cheese:

Ed’s gigantic teeth reminded his classmates of a certain pizza franchise mascot.

Ed Helms Canoed On The River From “Deliverance”:

Ed’s camp counselors let him watch “Deliverance,” but fast forwarded through the insane disturbing parts —
which was possibly even more disturbing.

Ed Helms Fantasizes About Being A Southern Lawyer:

Ed assumes the identity of a old-timey Southern lawyer and finds Conan guilty of murder.

Ed Helms On “The Fake News With Ted Nelms”:

In his new Comedy Central special, “Ted Nelms” reports extremely silly fake news in the vein of Monty Python.

Ed Helms: Terry Bradshaw Is So Funny It Pisses Me Off:

Ed’s a little bitter that Terry Bradshaw is both a football legend and an amazing actor.

Fareed Zakaria On Trump’s Media Domination:

Fareed Zakaria thinks Trump is redefining the presidency as a continuous media operation.

Fareed Zakaria: Trump Is A Good Salesman:

Fareed recently talked with Trump over some red meat and found him very charming one-on-one.

Fareed Zakaria On Trump’s ADD:

Fareed doesn’t think Trump can focus on one thing for more than 30 seconds. Sort of like an automatic pool cleaner.

Fareed Zakaria Predicts A Roy Moore Victory:

Fareed thinks Roy Moore and Trump voters are motivated by the same thing —
class revolt against coastal overeducated elites.

Electric Guest “Oh Devil” 12/11/17:

Electric Guest perform a track off their album Plural.


On Tuesday, December 12th, Conan welcomes
James Franco and Ari Graynor, Noomi Rapace, and musical guest Gary Clark Jr.

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