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[Trailer] ‘Black Mirror’ Returns to Netflix December 29th

by Jason Bennett
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Six new stories. Six new worlds. Six new WTF?!?

The wait is nearly over Black Mirror fans! Our favorite techno-paranoia, modern “The Twilight Zone” series from Charlie Brooker returns in three weeks!

On December 29th, Season 4 will premiere and feature six wildy new episodes. The titles of the new episodes have been announced and are (in no particular order): Arkangel, Black Museum, Metalhead, Hang the DJ, Crocodile, and U.S.S. Callister. Each episode was given its own trailer, which you can view below, as well as a look at the fourth season in its entirety.

Black Mirror – “Crocodile”

Picture what you saw.


Black Mirror – “Arkangel”

The key to good parenting is control.


Black Mirror – Black Museum

If it did something bad, chances are it’s in here.


Black Mirror – Metalhead

Beware of Dogs.


Black Mirror – “Hang the DJ”

Find your perfect match.


Black Mirror – “U.S.S. Callister”

Join Captain Daly and his trusty crew as they explore the galaxy and the dangers of unknown alien planets.


And finally, the full official trailer for the 6-episode fourth season of Black Mirror.

It’s hard to imagine a bright future, but we must. Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror returns to Netflix December 29th.



Have you been itching for the newest season to debut? What do you like most about the series? Let us know in the Comments!


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